We listen to you, understand your business needs and work closely with you to devise strategies that yield results. Our team of experienced IP professionals work with you to deliver effective solutions that not only help you protect your creations of mind but are also aligned with your business objectives.

We work with a broad portfolio of clients who include independent inventors, academic institutes, universities, startups, startup accelerators, startup incubators, venture capital (VC) funds, law firms, independent IP practitioners, small, mid and large size businesses across geographies.

Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Awareness Sessions

Our IP Awareness programs are designed to offer standard and bespoke webinars, seminars and workshops for varying team sizes from small businesses to multinational corporations and academic institutes. The topics can vary from basic introductory level to advanced level and may be bespoke based on audience.


Our Patent consulting offerings support all stages of a patent life cycle. This includes Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, Patent Prosecution, Pre Grant and Post Grant Oppositions and Proceedings. We also advise on Strategies for building your Patent Portfolio that may include a combination of Utility Patents and Industrial Design Patents.


Our Trademark consulting offerings support all stages of a trademark life cycle. This includes Trademark Searches, Trademark Filing, Preparing response to Objections, Oppositions and related proceedings.

Free & Open Source Software License Compliance

Our free and open source software (FOSS) compliance consulting offerings provide legal advice on use and legal compliance of open source software. This includes performing source code audits, generating reports on FOSS components, analyzing legal and compliance risks with the licenses associated with the FOSS components and providing remedial measures to mitigate further risks.

IP Litigation

Our IP Litigation consulting offerings provide advice and support with patent and trademark litigations in various jurisdictions. This includes determining viability of an IP litigation, assessing the risks and providing advice on further steps in the process.

IP Due Diligence

Our IP due diligence consulting offerings provide IP due diligence support for Investors, Venture Capitalists and Start-Ups. Conducting an IP due diligence provides useful insight about the value of the IP assets and discovers any potential red flags with the IP portfolio. We provide consulting on IP Viability and Valuation that includes validation, strength, and value of IP.