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About Us

We are determined to shift your paradigm about Intellectual Property (IP) and everything around it. Our mission is to build an ecosystem that can spread IP awareness and safeguard your creations of the mind. Our IP expertise provides consulting solutions that simplify your understanding and make strategic investments for protecting and leveraging your IP. Our knowledge and subject matter expertise is nurtured through proactive professional engagements and collaboration with in-house counsel, patent attorneys and IP professionals across geographies.


To nurture Innovation and Invention competencies of Independent Inventors, Businesses, Universities and Academic Institutions, we offer flexible engagement models.

Intellectual Property Awareness

We provide IP Awareness sessions for Startups, Small, Medium and Large organizations, Research & Development centers, Individual Inventors and Innovators, Startup Ecosystems, Universities and Academic Institutions. The IP Awareness sessions may be bespoke as IP Workshops or IP Seminars.


We provide patent consulting including Patentability Determination, Patent Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, Patent Prosecution, Response to Rejections, Response to Oppositions and Objections, Pre-Grant Proceedings, Post-Grant Proceedings, and Patent Renewals for multiple jurisdictions.


We provide TM consulting including TM Search, TM Filing and Registration, and Proceedings related to Oppositions and Objections for multiple jurisdictions.


We provide copyright consulting including Copyright Registration for multiple jurisdictions.

Use of Open Source Software and Legal Compliance

We provide open source software consulting including Open Source Awareness and Training Sessions on best practices for using and managing your open source projects. The consulting engagements may further include Conducting Source Code Audits, Guidance for Formulating Open Source Software Policies, Guidance for Establishing Best Practices for Mitigating IP Risks, and Compliance of Open Source Software Licenses.

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