Status quo in Intellectual
Property is not acceptable…. and we are in a position to help you act on it.

We help Innovators and Inventors in

Developing a Mindset for
Building a Strong IP Portfolio

that will leverage with time
We Help Enterprises and Industries in

Science, Technology &
Non-Technology Domains

safeguard their creations of mind in the form of innovations and inventions

Build your IP portfolio

Building your IP Portfolio needs patience, planning, budgeting, and strategizing.

IP Strategy

Protecting your creations of mind not only requires diligence & planning but also formulating an IP Strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Building your Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is about creating value that appreciates with time and continues to leverage thereafter.

IP Excellence & Partner Ecosystem

Building your business by selecting a partner with an extensive IP, industry and business expertise that fosters your IP excellence.

Making IP Work for your Business

“Success” in IP is multifaceted that includes strategy, execution, and management.

Leveraging from your IP

The value of IP leverages when one can commercialize by licensing the IP and generating revenue from it.