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Welcome to IP-FY, your go-to for Intellectual Property Consulting. Our team of expert lawyers and specialists offers comprehensive IP solutions, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, to secure your intangible assets and ensure the success of your business.

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About IP-FY

We are a purpose driven brand of technology professionals who understand and know how to apply intellectual property (IP) laws to safeguard your creations of mind which are in the form of ideas, inventions and innovations. 

We are good at what we do – creating IP that is valuable and can leverage your business with time. When the client needs guidance on strategies for protecting their creations of mind, we have the experience clients need to succeed. The strongest testament to our track record is that our clients return to our firm for their intellectual property and technology needs time after time.

Consulting Services


Protect your innovations with our comprehensive patent consulting, ensuring your ideas are secure and your business is unique.


Strengthen your brand with our trademark registration and enforcement services, safeguarding your business identity and reputation.

FOSS Compliance

Stay ahead of legal compliance with our open source software management consulting, avoiding any potential infringement issues.

IP Due Diligence

We offer IP Due Diligence with a team of experts to assess patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, identify risks and provide information for informed investment decisions.

Why Choose Us

We pay close attention to what you have to say, take the time to fully grasp the nature of your business challenges, and then collaborate with you to develop effective solutions. If you need assistance in protecting your intellectual property, our team of seasoned IP professionals will collaborate with you to find practical solutions that are both effective and in line with your business goals.

We serve a diverse group of clients from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, including sole proprietors, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations, as well as individual inventors, research institutions, universities, start-ups, start-up accelerators, start-up incubators, VC funds, law firms, and independent IP practitioners.

Build your IP portfolio

Building your IP Portfolio needs patience, planning, budgeting, and strategizing.

IP Strategy

Protecting your creations of mind not only requires diligence & planning but also formulating an IP Strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Building your Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is about creating value that appreciates with time and continues to leverage thereafter.

IP Excellence & Partner Ecosystem

Building your business by selecting a partner with an extensive IP, industry and business expertise that fosters your IP excellence.

Making IP Work for your Business

“Success” in IP is multifaceted that includes strategy, execution, and management.

Leveraging from your IP

The value of IP leverages when one can commercialize by licensing the IP and generating revenue from it.

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Meet the IP-FY Team



Harsh’s expertise in the IP area includes work in open source software, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AI, Database, ERP and other emerging technologies. Harsh has previously worked with SAPs Intellectual Property Legal function for 8 years gaining valuable experience in invention protection advice, patent drafting, filing, and prosecution, and patent portfolio management.

Harsh is registered to practice as a Patent Agent with the Intellectual Property Office, India and holds a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.



Miles is a dedicated IP professional who has helped his clients stay independent and return over a billion dollars to investors.

Miles is experienced in patent strategy, drafting, prosecution, and litigation. For over 20 years he has practiced intellectual property law, as a patent agent and IP manager, in startups and multinational public companies in areas like machine learning, robotics, wearable technology, and quantum computing. Miles hikes, skis, and bikes occasionally.



Kevin has previously worked in IBM’s Intellectual Property Legal function for 25 years, gaining valuable experience in opinion work on patent validity or infringement, and advice on patent assertions. Kevin’s expertise in the IP area in the IT sector includes detailed work in open source software, Blockchain, AI, Cloud Computing, and Quantum Computing. Prior to that, Kevin was a patent examiner at the USPTO, and practiced patent litigation, prosecution, and opinion work at two specialist IP law firms in Washington, DC, and Boston.

 is a United States Patent & Trademark Office registered patent attorney, a European Patent Office qualified patent attorney, as well as a qualified lawyer before the Massachusetts bar.

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