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Preserving Inventions and Innovations,

Developing IP Mindset

Elevating Excellence Through Strategic Protection and Intellectual Prosperity. Start Building Your Strong IP Portfolio Today.

IP-FY is purpose driven brand of technology professionals

Who understand and know how to apply intellectual property (IP) laws to safeguard your creations of mind which are in the form of ideas, inventions and innovations.

We at IP-FY, are good at what we do – creating IP that is valuable and can leverage your business with time. When the client needs guidance on strategies for protecting their creations of mind, we have the experience clients need to succeed. The strongest testament to our track record is that our clients return to our firm for their intellectual property and technology needs time after time.

Our Track Record

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Why Choose Us

Purpose Driven

As a brand of technology professionals, we are guided by a purpose to apply intellectual property (IP) laws strategically, safeguarding your ideas, inventions, and innovations with precision and dedication.

Unmatched IP Expertise

We get IP. Period. Our team of seasoned professionals is your shield, ensuring your creations stay yours.

Efficiency Redefined

Grow, manage, monetize – we bring clarity to your IP portfolio with unmatched efficiency.

Strategic Impact

IP-FY is not just a service; it's a strategic ally. We disrupt the status quo, redefine excellence, and create impact.

How We Make Your Life Easy

We simplify your journey with a diverse team of experts offering comprehensive consulting services for protecting, managing, and enforcing intellectual property rights. Our collaborative approach ensures tailored strategies to achieve your specific IP goals effortlessly.

What Makes Us Different

At IP-FY, we stand out as a purpose-driven brand, dedicated to safeguarding intellectual creations worldwide. Our unique expertise spans patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and more, providing tailored solutions for startups, corporations, academic institutions, and law firms to achieve their distinct IP goals.

Our Values

Empathy, respect, diversity – it's not just talk. It's the heart of our culture, driving us to raise the bar every day.

We walk the talk. Honesty, integrity, humility – trust is not given; it's earned through actions.

We're not just workers; we're creators. Every project, every task – it's about redefining the extraordinary.

Our services go beyond – leverage our network for industry expertise and business scaling.

We don’t just advise; we strategize. Your success is our commitment, not just a goal.

Borders don’t limit us. We celebrate success, learn from mistakes, and grow globally.

Our Team

Harsh Pangi
Founder & Patent Agent
Miles Steininger
Patent Agent
Kevin Fournier
Patent Attorney