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We help Enterprises and Industries in Science, Technology and Non-Technology domains safeguard their creations of mind in the form of innovations and inventions

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About Us

We are a purpose driven brand of technology professionals who understand and know how to apply intellectual property (IP) laws to safeguard your creations of mind which are in the form of ideas, inventions, and innovations.

We are good at what we do – creating IP that is valuable and can leverage your business with time. When the client needs guidance on strategies for protecting their creations of mind, we have the experience clients need to succeed. The strongest testament to our track record is that our clients return to our firm for their intellectual property and technology needs time after time.

Why Choose Us

People First

We nurture an open culture and provide opportunities to committed and accountable coworkers.

Trust Earned

We try to stay humble, earn respect and are committed to work like we have something to prove.

Impact Creation

We approach every assignment and project with a beginner’s mindset because opportunities to learn something new and create an impact never stop.

Ecosystem Leverage

Our offerings provide value-added benefits when you decide to work with us. We believe in supporting and progressively growing together.

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